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Characterization of Kcnk3-Mutated Rat, a Novel Model of Pulmonary Hypertension.
Lambert M, Capuano V, Boet A, Tesson L, Bertero T, Nakhleh MK, Remy S, Anegon I, Pechoux C, Hautefort A, Rucker-Martin C, Manoury B, Domergue V, Mercier O, Girerd B, Montani D, Perros F, Humbert M, Antigny F.
Circ Res. (2019) Sep 13 ;125(7):678-695.

The BET Bromodomain Inhibitor I-BET-151 Induces Structural and Functional Alterations of the Heart Mitochondria in Healthy Male Mice and Rats.
Piquereau J, Boet A, Péchoux C, Antigny F, Lambert M, Gressette M, Ranchoux B, Gambaryan N, Domergue V, Mumby S, Montani D, Adcock IM, Humbert M, Garnier A, Rucker-Martin C, Perros F.
Int J Mol Sci. (2019) Mar 27 ;20(7).

Detection of Hypoxia-Regulated MicroRNAs in blood as Potential Biomarkers of HIF Stabilizer Molidustat.
Marchand A, Roulland I, Semence F, Schröder K, Domergue V, Audran M.
Microrna. (2019) Jan 17. doi : 10.2174.

Contribution of BKCa channels to vascular tone regulation by PDE3 and PDE4 is lost in
heart failure.
Sarah Idres, Germain Perrin, Valérie Domergue, Florence Lefebvre, Susana Gomez, Audrey Varin, Rodolphe Fischmeister, Véronique Leblais and Boris Manoury.
Cardiovasc Res. (2019) 115(1):130-144.

Bmpr2 mutant rats develop pulmonary and cardiac characteristics of pulmonary arterial hypertension. Aurélie Hautefort, Pedro Mendes-Ferreira, Jessica Sabourin, Grégoire Manaud, Thomas Bertero, Catherine Rucker-Martin, Marianne Riou, Rui Adão, Boris Manoury, Mélanie Lambert, Angèle Boet, Florence Lecerf, Valérie Domergue, Carmen Brás-Silva, Ana Maria Gomez, David Montani, Barbara Girerd, Marc Humbert, Fabrice Antigny* and Frédéric Perros*.
Circulation (2018) 139:932-948.

PDE4 and mAKAPβ are nodal organizers of β2-AR nuclear PKA signaling in cardiac myocytes.
Bedioune I, Lefebvre F, Lechêne P, Varin A, Domergue V, Kapiloff MS, Fischmeister R, Vandecasteele G.
Cardiovasc Res. (2018) 114:1499-1511.